WPLMS v2.2.2 – Learning Management System

WPLMS - Learning Management System

WPLMS – Learning Management System free download

WPLMS is a Learning Management System for WordPress . It is suitable for Training Centres, Corporate trainings, Course tutors, College, Academy, University, School and MOOC platform. It is an e Learning WordPress theme for course management, instructor and student management using which you can create and sell your courses online.
WPLMS is a Social Learning management system built on BuddyPress which provides an easy way to create and sell courses online. Features include Front end Course creation (an easy to use front end interface for creating courses),Front End Course Management,Course Certificates and Badges, Course pre-requisites, Course start dates, course rating & reviews, Course directory with filters & sorting options,Full Course Import and export with Units, quizzes, questions and Users, advanced Quizzing platform for WordPress with 10 question types (Multiple choice, Multiple choice with multiple answers, True false, Match answers, Sort answers, Fill in the blank, Select dropdown, Short answer, Essay type, Upload assignments), Manual and Automatic evaluation, quiz retakes, pass fail switch,5 Type of Drip feed content(Unit wise static drip, Unit dynamic drip, Section Static and Dynamic drip, Unit start date & time),Leader boards ( Top 10 students in course, quiz, assignment etc.)


Features :

  • Live search in Directories and My courses, Instructing courses area.


  • New Featured block.


Bug Fixes :

  • Duplicate courses in Masonry



  • Start date filter not working in directory



  • Bad URL in course directory



  • httpss in some urls



  • WooCommerce my account bug in some cases



  • All courses pagination not working in mobile



  • All courses page not working in Mobile.



  • Signup not translatable in theme login poups



  • Add titles in News and Activity widgets in Dashboard



  • Support for standard widgets in Dashboards



  • Course directory mobile, js functions stopped working, login dropdown, mobile menu not opening.



  • WPLMS S3 not working with Admin area restriction



  • Vibe course menu walker missing translation¬†domain



  • favicon not appearing in bookmarks



  • BP ajax registration plugin fix added



  • Course review button appears even when comments disabled for course



  • Course review form does not apper with course directory slug




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