Woo Sale Revolution:Flash Sale+Dynamic Discounts v2.7

Woo Sale Revolution Flash Sale+Dynamic Discounts

Woo Sale Revolution: Flash Sale+Dynamic Discounts free download

Woo Sale Revolution is an All in One sale plugin which you can run different types of sale for your WooCommerce site. You can create unlimited rules with different scenario, deactive/active for current sale, add products to rule individually or base on categories or tags with exclude option, access to separate list of products for each rule and many other features.

Version 2.7 Release Date 07.27.2015

Fixed : don’t show product in drop-down if products is above 1000
Fixed : changed get_category with get_terms(in wordpress 4.2.x)
Fixed : woocommerce variable sale price discount
Added : compatible with woocommerce Brand Plugin

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