Videos Plugin for WooCommerce Add-ons v1.6

Videos Plugin v1.6 WooCommerce Add-ons

Videos Plugin for WooCommerce free download

Add Videos Plugin to your Woocommerce website to enhance your online shop.

CHANGELOG Videos Plugin for WooCommerce
1.6 (28.10.2015)

1.5 (20.07.2015)
- bugfix: Videos aren't showing up in the gallery 
- bugfix: Problems with Woocommerce Videos

1.4 (10.06.2015)
- feature: Video closing icon position
- bugfix: Grouped product compatibility
- bugfix: WooCommerce settings fixes

1.3 (05.06.2015)
- feature: Extended options for iframe video
- feature: better WPML support
- bugfix: Video instead of main image does not work

1.2 (02.06.2015)
Bugfix: Duplicated products fields

1.1 (19.05.2015)
Feature: Video inside Product Gallery
Feature: Iframe support
Bugfix: Increased premium themes compatibility

1.0 (08.05.2015)
- initial release

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