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VideoPro – Video WordPress Theme

VideoPro – Video WordPress Theme free download

The most powerful WordPress theme for video-based websites. Built upon our True Mag theme, biggest video theme on market, VideoPro has more unique features which help you to build any kind of video websites. Whether it is about game, movie, news, entertainment, science… VideoPro can do it!

VideoPro 1.3 – 2016/10/03
include Cactus-Video 1.5.4; Cactus-Actor 1.0.3; VideoPro-Shortcodes 1.1; VideoPro-SampleData 1.2; Cactus-Ads 2.5.3

#Fix: layout settings in Channel Listing and Author Listing page templates
#Fix: auto-play self-hosted video in playlist
#Update: options to control order of videos in Video Series (Video Extensions > Video Series)
#Update: support Auto Next for self-hosted videos
#Update: improve RTL
#Update: able to choose Video File from media library
#Update: use of WP Color Picker instead of JSColor. Fix VC Design Options saving issue
#Update: sample data to create demo home pages
#Update: Smart Content Box shortcode to add Time Range condition
#Update: language file
#Update: include recommended plugins in the theme, so they can be installed at once
#Add: Dark schema option for body content (Theme Options > Theme Layout)
#Add: a Go To Top button (Theme Options > General)

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