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Superlist – Directory WordPress Theme

Superlist – Directory WordPress Theme free download

Superlist is the result of several years of active development in WordPress. Theme is trying to offer best directory experience with all out of the box bundled plugins. With the Superlist you have complete directory solution.

Version 2.1.0
08. June 2016

- FEATURE: Portugal translation
- FEATURE: users widget
- FEATURE: support for custom filter fields of taxonomy type
- FEATURE: support for custom filter fields of radio, radio_inline and select type
- FEATURE: floor plans for property listing post type
- FEATURE: default location field type changed to chained selects (taxonomy_select_chain)
- IMPROVEMENT: colorbox for all images
- IMPROVEMENT: link to skype:username?call for Skype social network
- IMPROVEMENT: link to tel:// for phone field value
- IMPROVEMENT: added http:// prefix for website in listing author widget (if not set)
- IMPROVEMENT: notifications for all site admins
- IMPROVEMENT: fallback to generic filter field template
- IMPROVEMENT: improved payment UX for anonymous users
- IMPROVEMENT: little performance improvement of PayPal gateway
- IMPROVEMENT: used inventor_before_listing_detail WP action instead of the_content WP filter in statistics
- IMPROVEMENT: user is redirected to his listings page (if exists) after submission creation
- TWEAK: new helper method Inventor_Utilities:get_site_admins()
- TWEAK: Inventor_Utilities:get_after_payment_url() helper
- TWEAK: public facilities and valuation in own metaboxes
- TWEAK: get_site_admins moved Notifications to Inventor core plugin
- FIX: reloading of Google Map location fix
- FIX: redirection after payment fix
- FIX: fix of blocking reviews of unregistered users
- FIX: removed session id from listing views logic
- FIX: Stripe button visibility changes according to agreed terms and conditions
- FIX: WP admin logout fix
- FIX: typo in prepare payment data fix
- FIX: mapescape CSS fix
- FIX: some translation fixes
- FIX: minor CSS fixes and some improvements

New WP actions:
- inventor_before_listing_detail
- inventor_after_listing_detail

New WP filters:
- inventor_listing_attributes
- inventor_social_network_url

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