Superlist v2.0.0 – Directory WordPress Theme

Superlist  – Directory WordPress Theme

Superlist  – Directory WordPress Theme free download

Superlist is the result of several years of active development in WordPress. Theme is trying to offer best directory experience with all out of the box bundled plugins. With the Superlist you have complete directory solution.

Version 2.0.0
20. May 2016

- FEATURE: German translation
- FEATURE: simple banner type
- FEATURE: new submission type: pay per post
- FEATURE: monetization option: pay per featured listing
- FEATURE: listing types package restrictions
- FEATURE: new map marker style: thumbnail
- FEATURE: list of listing authors ([inventor_users] shortcode)
- FEATURE: author detail page
- IMPROVEMENT: empty form values are not submitted (better SEO)
- IMPROVEMENT: slug is used for location and listing category filter values instead of their IDs (better SEO)
- IMPROVEMENT: currency in price filter fields
- IMPROVEMENT: link to author detail page from listing author widget
- IMPROVEMENT: more social networks in listing author widget
- IMPROVEMENT: social metabox has icons of social networks
- IMPROVEMENT: support for multiple currencies in listing filter
- IMPROVEMENT: support for body classes for Image Cover Widget
- IMPROVEMENT: support for transparent header for Image Cover Widget
- TWEAK: option for developers to filter user listings by status
- TWEAK: support for inventor_submission_allowed_listing_post_types
- TWEAK: map takes bounds argument (for developers)
- TWEAK: new demo content
- FIX: fixed default zoom of listing location at its detail page
- FIX: fixed empty value of some taxonomy fields
- FIX: fix of claim contact email
- FIX: if field with options is required, "None" option is hidden
- FIX: if ordering by rating, search result contains listings without reviews too
- FIX: minor CSS fixes and some improvements

New WP filters
- inventor_filter_params

New WP filters for custom fields:
- inventor_metabox_field_before_row
- inventor_metabox_field_before
- inventor_metabox_field_before_field
- inventor_metabox_field_after_field
- inventor_metabox_field_after
- inventor_metabox_field_after_row

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