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Superlist v1.7.0 – Directory WordPress Theme

Superlist – Directory WordPress Theme free download

Superlist is the result of several years of active development in WordPress. Theme is trying to offer best directory experience with all out of the box bundled plugins. With the Superlist you have complete directory solution.

Plugins bundled in theme: Claims, Coupons, Currencies, Directions, FAQ,Favorites, Fields, Google Map, Google Places, Invoices, Listing Slider, Mail Templates, Notifications, Packages, Partners, PayPal, Pricing, Properties,Reviews, Shop, Statistics, Stripe, Testimonials, Watchdogs

Theme has strong focus on code quality. Everything has its own plugin and proper documentation. It is quite easy to modify theme or the plugin from the child theme because everything is properly wrapped in action or filter hook. Experienced developers will be happy to use the theme. With the good code is easier to create a great and maintable product.

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Version 1.8.0
08. April 2016

- FEATURE: Spanish translation
- FEATURE: custom lexicon manager
- FEATURE: option to set custom metabox description
- FEATURE: option to set custom metabox as a listing section
- FEATURE: option to set custom field label position
- FEATURE: metabox description in submission steps
- FEATURE: support for rendering custom metabox using generic section template
- FEATURE: taxonomy field types
- FEATURE: Google reCAPTCHA support in inquire form
- FEATURE: automatic theme updates
- IMPROVEMENT: switching to child theme will not deactivate inventor plugins
- IMPROVEMENT: version in enqueue styles and scripts
- IMPROVEMENT: person in contact metabox
- IMPROVEMENT: editing existing listing redirects to same page, not to list of user listings
- IMPROVEMENT: label of submit button in the last step of submission is "Done" 
- IMPROVEMENT: default location of the map field is whole Earth
- IMPROVEMENT: animated number in boxes widget
- IMPROVEMENT: custom fields ordering
- IMPROVEMENT: custom metaboxes ordering
- IMPROVEMENT: dynamic items per row in pricing table archive page
- IMPROVEMENT: minor CSS fixes and some improvements
- TWEAK: submission system moved to own plugin inventor-submission
- TWEAK: build_hierarchical_taxonomy_select_options moved to Inventor_Utilities class
- TWEAK: listing categories, locations and colors moved from Inventor to Lexicon menu in WP admin
- TWEAK: archive-pricing_table.php moved to inventor-pricing plugin
- FIX: fixed default value of hierarchical select
- FIX: reviews now update in real-time as they are approved/unapproved or even subsequently deleted
- FIX: fixed default values of fields with options

- New WP filters:
- inventor_metabox_assigned
- inventor_metabox_title
- inventor_metabox_description
- inventor_metabox_field_id
- inventor_metabox_field_name (not each field yet)
- inventor_metabox_field_default
- inventor_metabox_field_type for location field
- inventor_metabox_location_map_enabled
- inventor_metabox_social_networks
- inventor_submission_steps
- inventor_poi_icons

- WARNING: backward incompatible update: WP filter inventor_submission_listing_metabox_allowed renamed to inventor_metabox_allowed



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