Slide Panel WordPress Plugin v1.0

Slide Panel v1.0 WordPress Plugin

Slide Panel WordPress Plugin free download

A plugin help you to add slide panel via a link (the link can be in a text, image or any HTML), the panel can be updated via a exist post or page.


Slide Panel content from exist post or page, keep the content’s flexibility and help you to update the panel easily.
Panel background and color can be customized via color picker in the backend.
Optional display the panel by defult when page is loaded.
Optional panel position and width, live preview in the backend.
Toggle button support HTML, for example can be in a text or image.
Compatible with latest jQuery and latest WordPress.
Multiple Slide Panel instance on same page.
Enqueue the js and css only when needed. Keep WordPress page size smaller.
You can add/edit the Slide Panel without touching the code. Customize/update the image and text with WordPress backend.
FAQ and source code are included in the package. Free update in the future.

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