Sitemakin and Cloner – Fast CMS and Cloner

Sitemakin and Cloner v1.4 – Fast CMS and Cloner PHP Script
Lightning fast CMS that can use any HTML template as its theme. With two clicks of the mouse, you have an editable page. No programming knowledge required!

Alongside the CMS, we have included two cloning tools. One is built to clone the working site into HTML files and the required folders that contain css, images and js. The other tool can be used to clone almost any website on the web and give you a compete set of working files.

Works with Linux hosting and home PCs, and Windows home PCs using tools like XAMP and WAMP.

Asides from using Sitemakin on a web hosted web server, it also works very quickly with a local server on Windows like XAMP. Watch how easy it clones and edits!

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