SEO Studio – Tools for Search Engine Optimization v3.5

SEO Studio – Tools for Search Engine Optimization v3.5

Main Features

  • 32 tools for search engine optimization
  • Clean, responsive interface based on Bootstrap 3
  • Simple administration panel to configure settings
  • Support for add-ons (see our profile page’s “Addons” button)
  • No database required. Data is stored in files with JSON.
  • Collect information from visitors (which tools they use, what they enter, etc)
  • User & Group system to restrict tools to logged-in users
  • Allow your visitors to make an account, and assign a default group
  • Powerful, organized translation system. Offer multiple languages to visitors

Other Features

  • Support for ad banners of any brand (728×90, 160×200, 300×250)
  • Support for analytics of any brand
  • Support for Google ReCAPTCHA to stop spammers
  • Meta tags pre-integrated and ready to be configured
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pre-integrated with built-in editor
  • Support for logos up to 75 pixels in height
  • Customize the results of tools to your local country or language
  • Browse add-ons and install them in just a few clicks
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