Sensei v1.9.4 – Premium WordPress Plugin Woothemes

Sensei v1.9.4 – Premium WordPress Plugin Woothemes

Sensei – Premium WordPress Plugin Woothemes

Teaching coursework has never been easier, all within WordPress. With the Sensei plugin you can create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes. Set lesson and course pre-requisites, allow user registration and even charge for your course content if you want. Sensei is the ultimate WordPress learning management system!

*** Sensei Changelog ***

2016.04.04 - version 1.9.4
* Fix - Ensure current quiz grade is displayed when submitting autograded quizzes.
* Fix - Ensure grading notes are always displayed when quiz is manually graded.
* Fix - Prevent fatal error when adding learner to a course.
* Fix - Prevent Uncaught ReferenceError when removing learner from a course.
* Fix - Ensure questions don't change after submission when using a subset of questions in a quiz.
* Fix - Fixed label text on search button in Learner Management.
* Fix - Fixed incorrect WC order status.
* Fix - Fixed an issue with is_course_purchasable()
* New - Added support for WP QuickLaTeX plugin.
* New - Added new 'sensei_courses_shortcode_course_data' filter in courses.
* New - Added a 'sensei_load_default_supported_theme_wrappers' filter to allow disabling custom theme wrappers.
* Tweak - Updated support link in Plugins page.

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