Raven v.2.0 – Form Addon For Statamic

Raven v.2.0 – Form Addon For Statamic

Raven 2.0 – Form Addon For Statamic

Probably the only form solution you’ll ever need.
From contact forms and surveys to front-end content creation and email subscriptions, Raven has you covered


  • Power any form: Form submissions save YAML to flat files of any file extension giving you endless options. Seriously, think about that.
  • Metrics Dashboard: Review all your form submissions in the control panel and easily set up overvew metrics to measure reponses.
  • Fire off emails: Raven forms can fire emails to anyone upon submission. Even integrates with Mandrill, Postmark and more!
  • Robust validation: Effortlessly validate your forms and set custom error messages with dozens of available rules and options.
  • Your own markup: Easily build forms the way you’ve always imagined with complete control over your markup.
  • Endlessly extendable: Raven is loaded with hooks so you can integrate with just about anything under the sun. Even databases.


Link Demo: http://statamic.com/add-ons/raven

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