Picturish v1.3 – Image hosting editing and sharing

Picturish – Image hosting editing and sharing

Picturish – Image hosting editing and sharing free download

Easily create your own photo hosting, sharing, editing and management application in minutes. No Coding knowledge required.

2016 February 10 – Version 1.3

- You can now update your mail settings directly from admin area settings page.
- All sensitive settings will now be properly hidden from page source if not logged in as admin.
- Implemented a new installer that will try to automatically correct a number of common server issues.
- Fixed an issue where the same ad would be displayed in different slots on photo preview page.
- Fixed an issue where photos and folders would sometimes not get deleted from trash properly.
- Fixed an issue with html embed code not getting generated properly sometimes.
- Fixed an issue where password change would not work properly.
- Fixed an issue where uploading from homepage would not work if user was logged in.
- Fixed an issue with avatars not being resized properly in admin area users table.
- Fixed an issue with some of the admin tables not working properly on Safari when using Mac or iOS.

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