PHP Social Microblogging v.2.9

PHP Social Microblogging v.2.9

PHP Social Microblogging Twitter is a script style, designed to share news, events, or simply what you want, through publications of 140 characters, and may refer to other users, create Hashtag and share with other site users. a part of it can upload images, videos from Youtube or Vimeo. Follow other users, send direct messages and other features that will be described below.



  • Send message direct/private
  • Customizable profile page.
  • Follow/Unfollow users
  • System favorites
  • Trending worldwide
  • #Hashtag
  • Design like twitter
  • Real-time updates on Page index
  • Real-time updates on Discover Page
  • Real-time updates on Search Page
  • Find people
  • Comments on posts
  • Page Status like twitter
  • List of Trends worldwide
  • Suggestions for who to follow
  • Block/Unblock users
  • Private profile
  • Option Delete Account
  • Users can change your user name as often as you wish
  • Upload cover
  • Upload Background
  • Upload avatar
  • Set the Color Link
  • Set the Color/Position Background
  • Upload Video from Youtube (API)
  • Upload Video from Vimeo(API)
  • User validation by email
  • Recovery password
  • An email, by account
  • Users verified twitter style
  • Only you can send private messages to your followers, twitter style
  • You can tell if a user is following you “FOLLOWS YOU”
  • Report users/publications
  • Change password
  • Discover page: where is the publication of the users who are not following
  • Delete Posts
  • You can login with your username or email

Admin Features:

  • Set Site Name
  • Set Keywords(SEO)
  • Set Description(SEO)
  • Set Message/Post length
  • Edit pages static e.g: Privacy, Help
  • Manage Users
  • Delete/Suspended Users
  • Change type account of users
  • Manage Users reported
  • Manage Posts reported
  • Manage Ads
  • Change password


  • cURL
  • PDO Driver
  • GD Library
  • Enabled function mbstring

This script was developed with PHP OOP and MVC

Important: All images used in this demo are solely and exclusively from their owners, not be included in the script.

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