Pages v2.1.3 – Admin Dashboard Template & Web App

Pages v2.1.3 - Admin Dashboard Template & Web App

Pages – Admin Dashboard Template & Web App free download

Pages is not just a dashboard but a novelty among UI framework.Our long standing vision has been to bypass the usual admin dashboard structure, and move forward with a more sophisticated yet simple framework that would create a credible impact on the many conventional dashboard users.

- v2.1.3
* Fixes for sass/scss
* [Calendar] eventOverlap should be set to false by default and changing does not disable events to overlap
* [Calendar] eventBubble attribute not working as expected
* [Calendar] ui visible option change doesn't effect anything
* [Calendar] local variable/attribute change doesn't effect anything
* [Notification] In mobile when menu is open it overlaps with the sidebar
* [Calendar] MonthView onMonth change issue


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