Ninja Kick:Sliding Panel for WordPress v3.0.2

Ninja Kick Sliding Panel for WordPress

Ninja Kick: Sliding Panel for WordPress free download

Ninja Kick: Sliding Panel is a premium WordPress plugin that adds hidden off-canvas sidebar with push or sliding animation on your WP website. Extra content added to sliding panel will wait for it’s time to reveal! You can utilize this plugin in so many ways. For example add navigation, social feeds, offer an subscription, display ads, registration or contact form, shopping cart etc. Popups are so 2009!

Version 3.0.2 Latest

[3.0.2] Fix: Tab click for in case we have more than 10 tabs 
[3.0.2] Fix: Small icon size auto height & center position 
[3.0.2] Fix: Conflict with Superfly
[3.0.1] Fix: custom icon repeat issue
[3.0.1] Fix: metro style buttons gaps 
[3.0.1] Fix PHP 5.4 compatibility issues
[3.0.0] Feature: Icon Library
[3.0.0] Feature: HTML Rich-Text Editor for panel's content
[3.0.0] Improvement: Open URL in new tab option
[3.0.0] Improvement: Paddings setting for panels
[3.0.0] Improvement: Admin UI Tweaks

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