my Manga Reader CMS Codecanyon PHP Script

my Manga Reader CMS Codecanyon PHP Script

Have You always wanted to have your “manga reader” like mangapanda and mangafox, this CMS is the easiest, fastest and intuitive way to create yours.

You can easily set up this CMS just by following several steps provided on the Instruction page, and start creating your Manga chapters.



  • Easy setup(about 30 seconds, input then done, no hand-setup need).
  • User Management System (Add contributors)
  • Manage Ads / Ads placement (see screenshots 12 & 13)
  • Crawler/scrapper engine: automatically create chapters with images by downloading them from other Manga websites. (2 Source for English Chapters, 1 source for Spanish Chapters and 1 source for Vietnam Chapters)
  • Download all chapters at once click by entering the url of the Manga page for english sources
  • Add chapters pointing to external sources (e.g. CDN)
  • Option to download chapters as ZIP from Manga Info Page for visitors
  • 13 Themes.
  • Voting System.
  • Responsive design. Manga page auto fit with device, comfortable for user to read on smaller devices.
  • Supporting 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
  • Possibility to create your own language.
  • Support RTL language (like Arabic)
  • Search engines friendly (SEO optimized): auto generated meta tags, generated sitemap for Search Engin, integration of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.


You can access to the Dashboard:

  • as “GUEST” with envato / envato
  • as “CONTRIBUTOR” with contributor / contributor

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