Mapplic v3.1 – Custom Interactive Map jQuery Plugin

Mapplic v3.1 - Custom Interactive Map jQuery Plugin

If you would like to turn your photo/vector graphic map into a fancy interactive map application that is supported by every major browser and it’s working even on mobile or other touch devices, you can stop searching, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, you came to the only place, since it is the only utility available with this unique feature set.

The supported map file formats are: JPG, PNG and SVG.

Now with built-in maps

Due to high demand, Mapplic now comes with built in maps! Currently, the most requested 14 maps are built into the plugin as follows:

  • World map
  • World Continents map
  • Europe map
  • United States (USA) map
  • Canada map
  • Australia map
  • France map
  • Germany map
  • Italy map
  • United Kingdom (UK) map
  • Switzerland map
  • Russia map
  • China map
  • Brazil map

These maps are ready to use out of the box as seen on the preview, no further modifications are required.

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