Formidable Forms v2.02.06 – WordPress Form Builder

Formidable Forms - WordPress Form Builder

Formidable Forms – WordPress Form Builder free download

No need for a separate plugin. Views are built right into the core Formidable Forms plugin to save you time and money.

 == Changelog == = 2.02.06 =

* Prevent styling conflict with field buttons on form builder
* **Pro Features** *
* Add styling for left and right labels in combo fields
* Fix PHP 5.2 error in graphs controller
* Add taxonomy support to graphs and stats
* A couple other graph fixes
* Fix entry_id and created_at issue with stats
* Fix lowercase text sorting in Lookup fields
* Make sure conditional logic works on embedded form fields when editing
* Fix conditional logic dependent on hidden embedded form field
* Make sure time field displays correctly by default with frm-field-value shortcode
* Add Format option to Text fields

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