Duplicate Finder SEO Tool (CSV To MySQL)

Duplicate Finder SEO Tool (CSV To MySQL)

DupeFinder SEO Tool was developed to help and speed up SEO.

SEO professionals all over the globe scrape search results and information from numerous sources like search engines and social media. It is very much unlikely that this “crud” data will not have duplicates. In-fact most of the times there is just too much duplicate data to deal with. Then again, most of the scrape data are maintained and managed in spreadsheets. Its not very easy to organize them quickly and easily either.

So I’m presenting you DupeFinder SEO Tool that will not only help you automate the process of removing duplicates from your CSV (spreadsheet) file but also offer you awesome features to organize your data and even TEAMWORK with them! Feel confident as a Lead SEO professional and distribute entries to your team members.

However, this tool can be used for many more purposes and the software is very much configurable to suit your needs/style. Check the Configuration Settings and Additional configuration settings to customize your way.



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