Cornerstone v1.2.2 – The WordPress Page Builder

Cornerstone v1.2.2 - The WordPress Page Builder

Cornerstone – The WordPress Page Builder free download

We spent just about as much time preparing to develop Cornerstone as we did developing the tool itself with much of that time being devoted to testing and working with dozens of potential interfaces to find the best possible experience for our customers. We can’t wait for you to see it for yourself!

Cornerstone 1.2.2 – Notes

MARCH 31, 2016

This is an additional maintaince release following up the Cornerstone 1.2.0major release. 
We've addressed a few more edge case bugs. We also introduced two more usability improvements. 
You can now toggle looping on video player elements, and the login text for the Protect element can be customized.
A summary of fixes can be found notated in the sidebar.

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