CodeIgniter User Manager Pro

CodeIgniter User Manager Pro

Codeigniter User Manager Pro is a feature filled user manager that can be integrated into any kind of system based on the Codeigniter framework. User data is stored in a mysql database hence user information can be accessed or manipulated easily. Some of the main features include facebook integration, user registration, user levels, user groups, backup, secure login amongst others.

Features include:

  • Based on codeigniter’s HMVC hence  easy to extend.
  • Easy to install
  • Has a user manager which one can add, edit, delete, search, change user levels, change user groups and deactivate/activate user accounts
  • Easy to use and has a nicely designed user interface
  • Jquery intergrated hence aesthetically appealing.
  • Backup Database.
  • Facebook Intergration.
  • Super User Functioanality
  • Settings to activate/deactivate some features
  • Password recovery
  • Auto or admin account activation
  • User registration system which includes captcha
  • System validations
  • Disable/Enable entire user groups
  • Disable/Enable entire user levels

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