Calendarize it! v4.3.1.73711 WordPress Plugin

Calendarize it! WordPress Plugin

Calendarize it! WordPress Plugin free download

Calendarize it! was originally created without support for Visual Composer. Please notice that you do not need Visual Composer to use the plugin, but if you have Visual Composer you can take advantage of the built-in compatibility with this plugin and build your own templates using the popular drag and drop page builder in Visual Composer.

Version – September 20, 2016

Bug Fixed: Micro data for Upcoming Events Widget is not correct (URL and Name)
Bug Fixed: When ical button shortcode is rendered in the right side, the dialog is opening outside the browsers viewport
Bug Fixed: Creating a Venue outside an Event Details Page is not rendering the Google Map
Bug Fixed: The Taxonomy Loop used with the Custom Details Box is missing the Post ID attribute (This requires Visual Composer to use this feature
Bug Fixed: One some sites, NOV is rendered NO000 and November is rendered No000ember
Bug Fixed: Post meta data not saved properly when using j \d\e F \d\e Y H:i in Date and Time format (date_format and start_time)
Compatibility Fix: Added option for sites where downloading the ics file is returning a 502 Bad gateway error message.
New Feature: Added support for new attribute personal_calendar_message. When attribute author or author_name is set to current_user and the visitor is not logged in, the message will be displayed instead of the calendar.
New Feature: Added support for outputting the post_content instead of the post_excerpt in the summary field of the ics file. Please notice that some applications might not support HTML in the summary field (like Google Calendar). Some post content may not be supported and can potentially break the ics file. For optimal compatibility we recommend using the post_excerpt
New Feature: Added support for using Options from Calendarize Shortcode tab in the FLAT UI Calendar Widget
Update: Changed the ical tooltip to a modal and apply new styling
Update: Visual CSS Editor updated to support new modal ical styling (CSS Editor > Calendarize it! > Calendar > All Views)
Update: Visual CSS Editor updated with additional Google Web Fonts. Now supporting 800+ fonts. Go to WordPress > Settings > Google Web Fonts to enable the fonts you want to use in the CSS Editor. Only turn ON the fonts you really want to use. Enabling too many fonts may slow down loading.
Update: Repack and minify Javascript and Stylesheets
Update: Updated English (US) and Chinese (ZN) language files .po/.mo

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