BackupBuddy v7.1.3.5 – WordPress BackUp Plugin

BackupBuddy - WordPress BackUp Plugin

BackupBuddy – WordPress BackUp Plugin free download

We built BackupBuddy because we experienced our own catastrophic server crash. At the time,WordPress didn’t offer any complete backup solutions. In both of our failure cases, we needed entire directory and file backups for complete site recovery. – 2016-06-08 – Dustin Bolton

Stash Live: Added alerts section to troubleshooting log to alert on highlights that are very likely to be a problem.
Stash Live: Added automated running of troubleshooting data process via cron to detect possible causes of problems if Snaphost has not run in 72 hours or more.
Stash Live: Added new potential problems alert to alert user if potential issues are detected such as low memory to aid user prior to having to seek support. Only runs if no snapshot has been made in > 3 days for performance. Auto-clears on successful snapshot or problem goes away and troubeleshooting log is re-viewed.
Stash Live: Potential problem alert now detects definite memory shortages based on tested memory and alerts if no snapshot was made in 72 hours to help indicate actual problem. Also flags in new alerts section of troubleshooting log.

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