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Avada v3.9.4 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Avada – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme free download

Avada is the ultimate multi-purpose WordPress theme. It is clean, super flexible, responsive, includes Fusion Page Builder and comes packed with powerful options! This multi-purpose WordPress theme sets the new standard with endless possibilities, top-notch support, and incredible featured packed updates requested from our users. And its the most easy-to use theme on the market! Avada is very intuitive to use and completely ready to operate out of the box. Built with HTML5 & CSS3, a lot of thought and care went into this theme making it a pleasure to use.

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Version 4.0 - April 18th, 2016

Full List of New Features
- NEW: completely new theme options panel, powered by Redux
- NEW: fresh UI for theme options panel that is a joy to use and makes option selection much faster
- NEW: fully conditional theme options, the only options that will display are the ones that can be used on your current configuration
- NEW: complete reorganization of theme options into logical groupings according to page setup
- NEW: header 6 option, a minimalistic header layout with an all new desktop/mobile fly out overlay menu
- NEW: header search design to go along with Header v6 option, full screen with active search field in the middle
- NEW: responsive images are taken to the next level for blog grid, timeline and large layouts, as well as portfolio and recent works layouts for a performance boost
- NEW: beautiful new Avada Photography demo that showcases the new header v6 layout
- NEW: updated titles and descriptions of all theme options for more thorough explanations
- NEW: unlimited custom fonts can be uploaded
- NEW: custom fonts can now be used in any place that offers font-family typography setting
- NEW: unlimited custom icons can be uploaded for social media use
- NEW: automatic patcher tool on the support tab in the Avada welcome screen allows you to auto install bug fixes released by our team
- NEW: Fusion Slider now allows one click duplication of full sliders and individual slides
- NEW: custom repeater field for easy addition of social networks, custom icons or custom fonts
- NEW: new setup for social icons with custom or brand colors which automatically sets the proper color per network
- NEW: xing added to social media icons
- NEW: combined typography options in one control with an instant preview
- NEW: combined options for paddings / margins and other sizing options for easier use
- NEW: completely new color pickers with sliders, integrated opacity setting and material design color thumbs
- NEW: syntax highlighting for custom CSS and code fields
- NEW: search option in theme options panel to quickly find any option
- NEW: individual theme option tabs for each integrated 3rd party plugins, only show if plugins are active
- NEW: theme option sub panels fly out on hover for easier navigation
- NEW: all retina size theme option fields have been removed and values are now auto calculated
- NEW: all checkbox options have been changed to switches for convenience and consistency
- NEW: all enable/disable settings have been changed to on/off switches and change to Ôturn onÕ for consistency
- NEW: import/export section allows to copy raw export data, or import and export via URL and file
- NEW: options reset can now be done on a per section basis as well as the full panel
- NEW: sticky theme options footer bar that has a save and reset button always visible
- NEW: sticky notice when settings have changed to remind you of saving
- NEW: theme version audit trail is now added to the system status tab
- NEW: several new patterns have been added for boxed mode background outer areas
- NEW: theme option to set the animation speed of counter box elements
- NEW: 'Load More Posts' button color option added for portfolio archives, can now be separately set from blog archives
- NEW: footer border size and copyright border size options added
- NEW: header top bar now a background color opacity setting for more flexibility and creativity
- NEW: add form button for gravity forms is now available in fusion builder tinyMCE editor
- NEW: theme option design includes integration with WordPress color profiles
- NEW: includes latest LayerSlider 5.6.3
- NEW: includes latest Revolution Slider 5.2.4
- NEW: removed the inconsistency between using px on a value and not using px (ex: 4px or 4)
- NEW: all theme option controls now have a default setting
- NEW: migration script and splash screen has been implemented for convenient migration of your Theme Options settings
- NEW: all demo content has been updated
- NEW: added height option and also text positioning and displaying options to progressbar element
- NEW: added hook just before comments are output
- NEW: sticky header background color is smoothly animated in now
- NEW: gallery option for the image frame element to include several images in one gallery
- NEW: widget sections can now be easily added and removed directly on the WordPress widgets page
- NEW: added a new loading spinner for Contact Form 7
- NEW: icons on Install Demos screen to indicate if demo install was successfull
General Fixes & Improvements
- continued refactoring of codebase for improvement
- refactored multi language support, fixing issues with WPML and Polylang
- refactored social media rendering functions
- refactored plugin compatibility functions check, fixing undefined and redefined responsible functions fatal errors
- refactored contact.php and moved control logic to new avada_forms class
- refactored one page link anchors when being redirected from a different page; now also works in IE11
- refactored WooCommerce clean design implementation, fixing list/grid view cache display issue
- refactored favicon markup, adding it to wp_head hook
- consolidated theme option settings so that unit less values as well as px values can both be used to set an option to pixels
- CSS compiler is now turned on by default providing dynamic css compilation for files
- improved folder structure of Avada and removed framework folder completely
- improved logo handling, using retina logo, if no standard logo is set
- improved Events Calendar element pictures to use the new WordPress responsive images markup
- improved Events Calendar mini calendar widget contrast for dates with events
- improved megamenu one column setup
- updated recaptcha library to latest version
- updated system status descriptions for wp_remote_get and wp_remote_post, to make test URLs visible
- updated all language files
- updated WooCommerce translation text domain for a few strings
- updated page.php to use new light box triggering code
- updated default copyright text to correct year
- updated demo content to ensure mega menu is properly set after import
- updated 404 page useful links enu to new and shorter headline
- removed all 3 text shadow options for updated design
- removed social icons drop shadow when using boxed mode for updated design
- fixed get_the_title(), the_title() functions used for attributes by changing to the_title_attribute()
- fixed short codes not working inside Fusion Slider when added as builder element to page content
- fixed related posts function not resetting query when finished
- fixed related posts image size issue
- fixed Fusion Slider not being fullscreen on mobiles when using side header positions
- fixed Fusion Slider header text color not always being set correctly
- fixed Fusion Slider conetnt not being fully vertically fixed when using transparent header
- fixed sliders inserted through Fusion Page Options not being correctly shown/hidden on various publishing settings like draft/private/pw protected
- fixed issue with Fusion Slider where self hosted videos were not correctly sized and positioned
- fixed old fitvids library issue, where all videos on a page where showing the same when going back in browser history
- fixed _blank link target option not working in content boxes element when entire content box was chosen as link
- fixed content box title color being incorrect on hover when using icon on side layout
- fixed a few issues where certain animation directions were not working
- fixed Fusion Page Options overflowing the box on small screens
- fixed smooth anchor scrolling not working on mobiles when using sticky footer
- fixed issue with image carousel element not being displayed correctly in footer widget areas
- fixed issue with image carousel border when using fixed layout
- fixed header opacity bug when also using a header background image
- fixed WooCommerce site wide store notice conflicting with sticky header
- fixed WooCommerce single product page quantity box and add to cart button alignment issue
- fixed WooCommerce product ordering boxes issues
- fixed WooCommerce list view toggle not having correct color as set in theme options
- fixed WooCommerce 2.5 doubled out of stock notification
- fixed WooCommerce related products star rating positioning
- fixed WooCommerce styling issue in cart totals when a coupon code is used
- fixed WooCommerce cart dropdown positioning in secondary navigation
- fixed WooCommerce hidden products still being shown in the product carousel elements
- fixed WooCommerce issue where product search pages where not correctly respecting header opacity and background color settings
- fixed WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin creating multiple totals instances on variable products
- fixed WooCommerce Product Carousel navigation parameter not correctly working in builder
- fixed WooCommerce checkout page 'Review & Payment' tab not being correctly highlighted
- fixed default top/bottom margins being too large on column short codes
- fixed 'Map Popup On Click' Theme Option not working
- fixed issue with full width element not being correctly aligned when % values are used for 100% width left/right padding option
- fixed categories being removed on save for events calendar element
- fixed various issues with wrong translations
- fixed Events Calendar sidebar heading background color not auto adjusting to color scheme selection
- fixed Events Calendar element permalink issue, when using hyphens in the slug
- fixed issue with Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order plugin not working on portfolio archive filters when specific categories are chosen
- fixed issue with login/register element redirection when an error occurred or when no redirection link is set
- fixed z-index issue with popover elements where other elements could hide parts of the popover
- fixed typo in portfolio-archive-layout.php causing a parse error
- fixed infinite scroll / load more button bottom margin being too large
- fixed mobile menu item padding option for none responsive design
- fixed comment form submit button width
- fixed issue with FusionBuilder where child elements could not be correctly removed
- fixed heading styles not being applied to modal windows
- fixed recent works element not using categories on rollovers
- fixed default value for jpeg quality. Now defaults to 82
- fixed missing image dimensions in image carousel and image frame elements
- fixed issue with alert boxes after floated containers
- fixed issue of single faq items showing blog related posts
- fixed WordPress Custom Menu widget sub level item padding in footer columns
- fixed issue with side navigation template not taking on the correct sidebar width, if no additional sidebar is set
- fixed content box issue, where the correct accent hover color was not working on icon background
- fixed issue with counter circles not fitting it its containers on page load
- fixed logo right alignment forcing menu to the left on headers v4/v5
- fixed tagline button border color not working for default button color setting
- fixed header v4 mega menu position wrong when menu is not left aligned
- fixed several RTL issues



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